On Saturday, November 16th, 2019 over 80 of the brightest and most creative minds in San Diego came together for Girls in Tech San Diego’s third annual Hacking for Humanity hackathon to create solutions for social good. This year we focused our efforts on issues that our local Veteran community faces daily. Amazon, Tandem Diabetes, Measurabl, LEARN Academy, and Women in eDiscovery generously sponsored the event.

The hackathon officially began with presentations from Cindy Lennon of Able-Disabled, and Sean Cameron of Operation Code, describing the challenges they face as they work each day to improve the lives of Veterans in San Diego. Participants were then divided into eight teams based on their complementary skills and strengths to begin brainstorming, planning, and coding. Mentors kindly volunteered their time and expertise, supporting and guiding teams as they worked tirelessly toward innovative technological solutions.

📢 And the winners are 📢

🏆 First Place: Not Alone, created an app that uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to address a veteran’s negative thoughts and emotions. It redirects these negative thoughts by providing a new positive perspective to encourage cognitive reprocessing. In the app, a veteran is able to write out their day and then their journal is analyzed by flagged keywords. To redirect any negative thoughts or emotions, the app will recommend a positive activity or helpful resource. A veteran’s progress can be tracked on a graph, which is part of the process for behavioral therapy so that they can see the days they had negative and positive emotions and therefore track their progress and identify negative processing directly.

🏆 Second Place: Child Share, a website that offers a platform to allow Veteran families access to free-child care services by facilitating meet-ups between veterans to essentially “swap kids” for a few hours at a time. It is a short-term service that offers more than just babysitting—they provide social interaction, parental support, community involvement, and long-lasting friendships. 

🏆 Third Place: Mission Possible, a website that matches small local non-profits serving the veteran population with experienced marketers including branding, web design, content marketing strategy, social media campaigns, etc. Namely, hungry marketing volunteers who are passionate about veterans in the form of college students.

To everyone who attended this year’s Hacking for Humanity hackathon for social good as a participant, mentor, speaker, or judge, from all of us at Girls in Tech San Diego, thank you for contributing your time, energy, and skills to improve our community. To our wonderful sponsors, Amazon, Tandem Diabetes, Measurabl, LEARN Academy, and Women in eDiscovery, thank you for supporting us and making this amazing event – and all the good that came out of it – possible. To everyone considering participating and/or volunteering next year, we would love to have you! Sign up today with your interest on our website: https://sandiego.girlsintech.org/volunteer.