Girls in Tech Hacking 4 Humanity is a hackathon inspired by social good. The concept: bring the best creative people, technical folks and design thinkers together to see what social problems they can hack over a two-day event.

Hacking 4 Humanity is making its way around the globe; and here in San Diego we’re focusing on Hacking Against Hate because every day, people are targets of hate crimes and discrimination. These experiences often go unreported and we’re asking our hacking teams to address the issue by creating a way for hate crimes to be reported, prevented, or a way for victims to be supported.

The two-day event will include:

  • Prizes and giveaways
  • Break-out sessions including yoga, professional headshots, and trainings
  • Industry-leading speakers and judges
  • Food and beverages
  • Networking opportunities

We are calling all women and men across the globe, including developers, designers, students, marketers, product developers, and entrepreneurs, plus businesses that want to embrace the idea of Social Innovation or initiatives that combine a positive mission with business.


This hackathon is beginner friendly and for participants new to coding or hackathons. However, any and all levels are welcome. Not a developer or designer? That’s ok! Teams are built based on a variety of skill sets and all interested individuals are welcome to register.


No team? No problem – You’ll get opportunities to network and connect with like-minded hackers in our community before any hacking begins. Form a team, solve a problem, create something awesome, present it to the audience and win prizes!


We’re partnering up with! They will be providing platform framework for beginners to build upon with onsite training and support! is a SaaS cloud-based WCMS that allows users to create, deploy, maintain, and optimize enterprise web properties.

You will walk in as a participant and walk out as an innovator. Join us for an opportunity to have fun, to grow, and to start your journey as a leading force of social change.

Questions? Email [email protected]


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PARTNERSHIP AND BRAND OPPORTUNITIES: If you would like to partner with Girls in Tech San Diego by way of sponsorship, please contact us at [email protected] We welcome giveaway and gift bag sponsors as well as product samples and collaborations from brands that are in alignment with our mission.